Note from
President Stokes

The Ending That Should Have Happened... But Didn’t
In the almost 10 months I’ve had the honor of being President of Rotary 21, I’ve had many more great experiences than those I regret.
We’ve welcomed new members, made new friendships, and helped all of the Communities of Rotary we’ve served this year.
But as your President, there have been instances where I’ve looked back on the meeting just finished and thought “I could have done this better,” or “why did I do it this way?”
Mainly those instances and opportunities are put in the file cabinet of missed opportunities or the closet of things I wished I’d said.
The biggest personal regret I’ve had is an instance where I didn’t believe in myself, and more importantly,  one where I should have believed in you more.
But I thank Julie Kelsey for reminding me that my job is to lead this Club and sometimes that means doing the uncomfortable instead of the easy.
Last October, I had the chance to express something I’d been wrestling with for a long time, and share those feelings with all of you. I didn’t trust myself, and I wasn’t sure how much you trusted me. After the meeting, I sent Jenna the meeting closing I had planned, we talked about it, and I put it in a drawer.
Julie’s invocation reminded me of that journalistic maxim to “Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” I failed that last October…and now is my chance to correct that.
Below is the meeting closing I didn’t use then.
“Today is October 14th…on this day 63 years ago on a Monday afternoon at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania….I was born. I don’t remember much about that day.
So I’ll pick another – October 14, 2004,  I was News Director at WAVY-TV in Norfolk, Virginia. We had a busy year, we had reporters covering the Presidential Race, in the Middle East covering the Iraq War, and the usual Hurricane reporting. I had just started dating my girlfriend, whom I married.
On my 47th birthday – October 14th, 2004, I had no idea two years later I would end up in Birmingham, Alabama working for a Public Television network, and starting on my latest re-invention – full-time fund-raiser for a mission-based organization,  that brings good things to the lives of others.
At 47….the whole world was in front of me…
George Floyd would have turned 47 today…
We are adjourned.”
                  Gary Stokes
                      Rotary Club 21

Around the Wheel

Last weekend at the Leadman Race, John Meekhof and his family was a mere 34 seconds away from taking first place in the Rotary Team division. Edged out by a muddy whiskey by the Kellogg Rotary team. 
Congratulations John and family on a race well traveled!

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May 6, 2021
2020, a Red Cross Year in Review – A Disaster of a Year and a Look into the Future.
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