Notes from
President Gary

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Time to grow the club…and we need all of you to help do it. 
As you may have heard, things are a bit weird these days, and that’s impacted our membership. We’re not alone in that…clubs around the country are dealing with the membership declines and departures. And while we do what we can to attract members year-round - and thank you to those who have brought us, new members, this past year – this year’s membership drive is particularly important. Members drive the club; members drive the club impact, and members drive club impact to help all of the communities we serve.
This year’s month-long membership drive goal is 25 new members – and as an added incentive, at the end of the drive – there will be a drawing with one of our visitors/guests having their initiation fee and dues covered by a generous Rotarian. But, please make sure the guest you bring is interested in joining the Club, because if the chosen winner leaves the Club before the end of their first year – the sponsoring Rotarian will make a donation to RCS, equal to half the new Rotarian’s dues. But if the new Rotarian becomes a dues-paying member in their second year, that same generous Rotarian will cover the dues for the sponsoring Rotarian as well.
But wait, there’s more – The Membership Development Committee has some other fun things (prizes) in-store.
We’ve had a number of guests over the past few weeks – thanks to some really interesting programs. And with debate season around the corner, this is a great time to introduce friends, neighbors, co-workers to Rotary 21. 
I’m looking forward to seeing what the Membership Development team has in store. This should be a fun and interesting several weeks- so bring a friend (or two).
See you on Thursday!

Gary Stokes
Spokane Rotary Club 21, President 

Zoombasadors Needed!

Are your Zoom skills top-notch? Have you become a Zoom meeting pro? Interested in helping other Rotarians? 
President Stokes is recruiting Zoombasadors who would be willing to meet with members in need of some Zoom assistance. If you're willing to share your Zoom how to knowledge please contact the Rotary Office.

Proposed Member

Lars Gilberts has proposed Ryan Rodin, Executive Director, American Red Cross. 

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Facebook Post Challenge

Rotarians enjoying sports at their
favorite stadium!
 Thank you for participating.
The winner is Cassie Frederiksen of a
coffee card.
Sneak Peek for this coming week's challenge
'Your favorite fellowship moment"
Membership dues will start to accrue a late fee after September 15th

September 17, 2020
Weekly Meeting

Lisa Fortier, Gonzaga Women's Basketball Coach: An inside look at the season ahead.

 Click here for more info about this week's speaker.
Meeting ID: 842 3937 5370
Passcode: 742364
To call in via phone dial
 1-301-715-8592 US
Meeting ID: 842 3937 5370
Password: 742364
Inviting a guest? CLICK HERE
to email their RSVP to the
Rotary Office.

Upcoming Programs

September 24, 2020
Appellate Court Debate:
Marshall Casey and Tracy Staab
Rotary 21 has a decades long tradition of hosting debates between candidates seeking public office, and have done so as a community service to help citizens make informed voting choices. Rotary is apolitical and does not support, endorse or oppose any candidate. Please note that Rotary is a private membership organization and as such the debate is not open to the general public. However, we strongly encourage members to invite guests so long as those members reserve a guest spot by Monday, September 21st
Have a question you'd like to have the candidates answer? Submit your questions to the Rotary Office by CLICKING HERE.
All questions for the debate come from Rotary 21 members.  Please submit yours no later than Monday, September 21st.
By attending the debate, you agree to abide by our debate audience rules. Click here to request a copy. 

Last Weeks Program

Last weeks program 'Being Black in Spokane. Being Native in Spokane.' Featuring Curtis Hampton, Toni Lodge, Betsy Wilkerson can be viewed by clicking HERE.
You must be a member of the Members Only Club 21 Facebook Group to view this video. If you do not use Facebook please contact the Rotary Office to request the video.

Pockets of Fellowship

This week's location hosts:
AT Miller - Downtown
Maggie Crawford - Suncrest
Lars Gilberts - University District
Deb Harper - South Hill
Please email the office your location request. Stay connected!

Committees Meeting This Week

Committees will be meeting using Zoom Video Conferencing.
Civic Affairs
Youth Services
Support Our Veterans
Committee meetings can be subject to cancellation or change in venue. Please contact the committee chairs to confirm the meeting logistics.
Join a Committee today
CLICK HERE for a list of committee chairs.

Sep 17 Eric Christiansen
Sep 19 A.T Miller
Russell Hampton
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