President Rod Price will be recognizing random Acts of Kindness throughout the Rotary year. CLICK HERE to submit a fellow Rotarian for an A.o.K. Award!
Our first act of kindness nomination came from Dr. Molly Pepper. Who wrote to Club 21 to tell us about the extraordinary act of kindness she witnessed member Bridget Barrington do. 
The first time I meet Bridget in 2018, I mentioned that my mother had recently moved to Spokane and was living in a retirement community. Bridget sent my mother a handwritten card welcoming her to Spokane. My mother was so moved that someone would take the time to greet her that it continues to color her perception of Spokane to this day. It's been more than 5 years since Mum received Bridget's card, but she still remembers it and the way it made her feel like Spokane was going to be a great place to live, full of wonderful people who take the time to say “hello” and “welcome.” - Dr. Molly Pepper