A list of some of the ways Rotary Club 21 has impacted the Spokane Community and beyond.

• Manito Park picnic shelter
• Motorized wheelchair for a 51-year-old head injury victim to replace an old wheelchair
• Support of  Goodwill Children of Promise Program
• Training Russian orthopedic surgeons
• Hundreds of thousands of dollars directed at community needs in Spokane.
• Riverfront Park Fountain
• Commercial grade stove for Crosswalk
• Single room air conditioners for people with MS
• Medical and dental equipment to hospitals in Khabarovsk
• Dentists traveling to Thailand to provide services
• Annual $1000 Katy Reeves Performing Arts Memorial Scholarship
• Childhood Cancer Foundation
• Rotary Children’s Fire Safety House
• Equipment for Spokane Guild School
• Voice-activated software for people unable to use a keyboard