Dear Rotarians of District 5080,


Please find an application form by clicking the "Read More" link to be part of a Rotary Friendship Exchange to D1700 in France (Andorra, Languedoc-Roussillon, Midi-Pyrenees) 

The outbound portion of this exchange will take place APRIL 25 - MAY 8, 2016. 


My contact in this district has supplied the following initial information about this exchange:

His  proposals are;
Fly into and out of Toulouse airport

3 days - Perpignan "Doyen"

3 days - Toulouse

3 days - Cahors

3 days - Balma and Tournefille

 Please be aware that plans do change and this may not be an exact itinerary.


Applications for this exchange will open on July 3rd and close on July 17th

Successful applicants' Rotary Clubs should be willing to host the inbound team from France who will most likely be coming between August 22 - September 9, 2016.







Brenda Balahura
Chair, RFE Committee
District 5080
The D5080 Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee made a decision in the spring of 2010 to no longer fill outbound teams on a first come- first serve basis. Criteria have been identified that will be used to assess application for team membership. The intention is to provide more opportunity for new membership on teams and to stimulate the interest for hosting amongst clubs in the district.
Submit this completed form to: Brenda Balahura, RFE Chair,
A. Procedures:
i) A Call for Expression of Interest for Team Members will be issued and sent to all D5080 Rotarians. A date will stated by which all applications must be submitted to the Chairperson of the Rotary Friendship Committee. They will remain active for a 14 day period following the Closing date. During the 14 day period, the applicants will be evaluated using this 2.3 Outbound Team Member Application & Point Summary Form. At the end of the 14 day period, the applicants, based on the evaluations, will be informed of their appointment to the team.
Within one week of notification of appointment to the team, the successful applicants must submit:
 a maximum 200 word biography in an electronic format,
 a head and shoulders picture in an electronic format, and
 a non-refundable per person team deposit of $100 per participant(s) to secure their place on the team.
ii) The District RFE Chair, or District Committee designate will appoint a Team Leader for outbound and inbound teams.
iii) Inbound Itineraries will be set by the Chair of the RFE in D5080 based on the requests of the incoming Team and the locations of the members of the Outbound Team. ALL PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BE WILLING TO ACT AS Inbound Co-ordinator for their Club AND THEIR CLUB SHOULD BE WILLING TO HOST THE RECIPROCAL INBOUND TEAM.
iv) Whenever possible, based on applications submitted within the guidelines of (i), participants will be selected based on the point system and will include 60% Rotarians on a first time exchange and 40% Rotarians who have participated in previous exchanges in order to provide an experienced Team Leader and Assistant Team Leader.
v) Rotarians may apply for any exchange in one Rotary Year, once appointed to a team they will not be eligible for any other exchange in that Rotary year unless the Team is not filled by others. If submitting more than one application, applicants should indicate their Exchange preferences.
B.The Point System
i) Points will be given for roles in hosting of teams or doing RFE related work.
ii) Points will be taken away if applicants have participated on an RFE in the past Rotary year.
iii) NEW!! Points will only be given for hosting and related work completed in the LAST 5 YEARS therefore, years must be specified.
iv) Points will be given for other D5080 participation as noted in Part D of this form.
C. Personal Information required so that Rotarian(s) can be contacted. From here on this application is to be filled in and returned electronically before the closing date specified on the “Call for Expression of Interest” email.
i. Name of Exchange Applied for and Dates: ______________________________
ii. Rotarian’s Name: ________________________ Spouse’s Name: ________________
iii. Mailing Address:______________________________ Postal Code: _______________
` iv. Street Address: ____________________________________________________
v. Telephone: (Home) ____________________ (Office) ______________(Cell)_________
vi. Fax:_________________________ E-mail: _________________________
vii. Rotary Club: __________________________ Classification: _____________________
2.3 Outbound team member information and application form.doc
Revised July 29th, 2014
Page 2 of 2
D. Points:
1.Previous Rotary Friendship Exchange Outbound Team Membership and dates and destination of exchanges (This is for information and for negative points.) Two minus points will be given for having been on an Outbound team within the past Rotary year OR 1 minus point will be given for having been on an Outbound Team in the past two Rotary years.
i:_______________________________________________ ii: ________________________________________________
iii: ______________________________________________ iv:_______________________________________________
2. Previous Inbound Team Home-Stay Hosting of Rotary Friendship Exchange Team (Identify name of inbound team and dates.) (1 point for hosting up to 4 points)
i: _______________________________ ii ___________________________________________
iii: _______________________________ iv: __________________________________________
3. Previous Additional Hosting Responsibilities for Inbound Rotary Friendship Exchange Teams. (1 point for transportation host, 1 point for hosting a group meal, 1 point for special event coordinator, may be multiples in categories to maximum of 4 points.)
i: ______________________________________ ii: ___________________________________________
iii: ____________________________________ iv: ___________________________________________
4. History of leadership with local or district Rotary Friendship Exchange Committee (one point only for each):
i. Own Club Friendship Exchange Committee Chairperson .(identify club and dates of service): ____________________
ii. District Committee (identify dates of service): __________________________________
iii. Team Leader for Outbound Exchange: dates and team ____________________________
iv. Assistant Team Leader for Outbound Exchange: dates and team ___________________
v. District Coordinator for Inbound Team: _______________________________________
vi. District Assistant Coordinator for Inbound Team: _______________________________
vii. Local Coordinator for Inbound Team: ________________________________________
viii. Local Assistant Coordinator for Inbound Team: ________________________________
ix. . Past District Governor of D5080 ________________________________________
x. Coordinator for VTT or RYE ___________________________
xi. Host of RYE student or VTT (please identify name and dates) _____________________________________
xii. Major role in home club (i.e. Executive Member, Committee Chair other than RYE or RFE), please specify role and year(s) ____________________________________