Posted by Gary Stokes
A message from President Stokes about Membership Tiers
I feel as if I’ve talked enough about this over the last few weeks that you can follow the tracks of my tiers…
But seriously, thank you for the opportunity to do a bit of a deeper dive into the why, what, and how of these changes in membership.
As is the case with many service clubs these days, membership is on the wane. And when you factor in the Pandemic double whammy of no in-person meetings and the income impact, it’s a tough time for many of us.
That’s why – under the leadership of the Past President Paul, the Rotary 21 Board of Directors, and input from other clubs, we created these new Membership tiers:
But as we unveiled these new tiers, as with most good ideas, we received input from our members that gave us a reason to give them a second (or third) look. For example, one member suggested we should put a cap on the number of years someone would be considered Emerging. Another suggested we make sure if the Board approves a dues increase for Full members, that same percentage increase would also apply to the Couples and Emerging Rotarians categories.
So, if anyone has other suggestions, please send them the Rotary Office or myself. The Board will vote on any changes at its January 26th meeting. The final version of the proposed Membership Tiers will be presented at the January 28th Rotary meeting, with the vote set for our February 4th meeting.
Thank you to all who have weighed in on this. We appreciate your input and will take every recommendation under consideration. 
Gary Stokes
Rotary Club 21 President
Amendment: The Board of Directors approved an amendment to the previous membership tiers motion to include that if there is a dues increase to the full member rate that it will raise accordingly across all tiers at their meeting on January 26, 2021. 
CLICK HERE to view the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting where Membership Tiers were proposed.
CLICK HERE to view the meeting with President Stokes proposal (approx 8:40 into the meeting)