Want to put the name of a loved one on a fish in the NEW Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park?

Club 21 can help!

Cost: $500 per fish or 3 for $1,000 ($200 to update a name on a fish)
Size limit: Up to 20 characters per fish. Example: John & Jane Johnson
Payment: Payable to RCS or Rotary Community Services
Mail to: Rotary Club 21, P.O. Box 1117, Spokane, WA 99210
Deadline: Fish orders need to be received and paid by Valentine’s Day.
Engraving will be completed in March 2018.
Fish are scheduled to be installed in April 2018.
Questions? Call Jenna at 509-534-8998 or PJ at 509-220-8357
Q. If the deadline is Valentine's Day, what’s the rush?
A. No rush. We are simply providing the pre-order opportunity so you can give someone a fish as a holiday gift, AND get a tax benefit. You will receive a charitable gift receipt for year-end tax purposes.
Q. What happens to all the fish plaques that were purchased when the fountain was first built?
A. They will be remade, so there is nothing you need to do, UNLESS you want to modify a name of a fish that you previously purchased. For example, if you had a fish before with the name of an unborn child, like Baby Wendle or Baby Walker, you can replace the name on your fish with an updated name for a $200 contribution.
Q. What If I can’t remember what names were on my first fish?
A. Club 21 will provide a list of names for your review in January.
Q. What if someone who is not a Rotarian wants to buy a fish?
A. Tell them to talk to a Club 21 Rotarian.
Q. Where do I pick up the fish so I can wrap it up and put under the Christmas tree?
A. The fish are simply recognition for your fully tax deductible charitable gift. To be clear, no one is ‘buying’ a fish. All the fish will be the property of Riverfront Park and no real fish will be harmed in this process.
Q. Does this count toward my RCS contribution?
A. No. This is completely separate from our annual RCS contributions that support our spending committees. Our annual RCS contributions are a commitment, whereas this is simply an additional opportunity to support the Club’s participation in the fountain that bears the Rotary name.
Q. Is the Club providing funding for the new fountain?
A. Yes, the club is giving $20,000 to the fountain renovation project from the reserve fund. When our Club raised funds for the original fountain, we also built the reserve fund to repair and maintain fish. All the original fish are being replaced with new fish that are ‘different.’ These new fish sales will generate funds for the ‘fish fund.’ The new fish will not need the same level of maintenance, so our Board has the option of reallocating those funds in the future for another special major Rotary project if the funds are no longer needed for fish repair. The Board is also making an effort to improve signage on a blank side of one of the pillars at the fountain to let the community know “what is Rotary” and the good of Rotary?