The Rotary Minute is a quick one-minute story that features the work and impact of Rotary in our community and world!

RCS donations at work! The Spokane Fatherhood Initiative

January 2021 is Vocational Service Month | District 7070
One of my favorite things to do for a Rotary Minute is to share great examples of your RCS dollars at work in our community.  This week I’m sharing an email I got from our Civic Affairs Chairperson, Kristy Meyers, who shared a thank you letter from the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative, a non-profit corporation founded on the principle that every child should have a present, loving, and nurturing father.  Kristy said:
“Hello all – I’m writing to share another very uplifting and heartfelt thank you from one of our recent grant recipients, the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative.  Our funds helped them to purchase new tables and access additional in-kind materials from the local equipment vendor.  Many of you may hear about the “ripple effect” of community investment and this is a great example of that in action.  The staff working at the Fatherhood Initiative and the men taking parenting classes have a beautiful space and quality equipment they can be proud of.  Imagine how encouraging a quality working environment can be and we had a hand in that positive impact.  Way to go Rotary CAC!!”  -  Kristine Meyer
The letter from the Spokane Fatherhood Initiative said,
“To all the awesome people at Rotary Club of Spokane #21:
In the pictures below you can see the tables we purchased through the $4000 grant you approved last year. We were able to get 6 tables on casters so we can quickly rearrange the room when needed. Bonus: you put a smile on our janitor’s face when it’s time to vacuum because the tables are so easy to move! These tables also have flip-tops so they need a minimal amount of space for storage. 
As a bonus, the local vendor we used also donated three 4x8 acoustic sound panels to help us get rid of an annoying echo from hard walls in our smaller classroom. Without your gift, we likely would not have been talking to this company!
The Rotary 21 gratitude plaque we made hangs in our main classroom so our students and guests will always know of your generous support. Thank you!
Lastly, our training room is always available to you if you’d like to have a committee meeting here. Love to host you!”
Much appreciated,
Ron Hauenstein
Executive Director
The Spokane Fatherhood Initiative
Thank you, Civic Affairs Committee, and thank you Rotary Club #21 for making a difference in our community! 
And that is today’s Rotary Minute!