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Nobel Prizes & Rotary Rotary Club #21 Bowling Celebrates 100 years

When you’re a Rotary Club with over 100 years of existence, you get to celebrate when something turns 100 years old!  Such is the case with our very own Rotary Club #21 Bowling Teams!  According to Steve Schneider’s book about our club, on page 25, the first Rotary Club bowling team started bowling in 1922.
Bruce McEachran, who joined our club in 1983, has been bowling with the Rotary Club bowling team since 1984.  Bruce said our club competes in the Interclub League, which includes teams from Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Optimist Clubs, Exchange Clubs, and others.
The bowling league runs from September to April every year. There are currently 6 teams, with 5 to 6 players per team. They currently bowls on Tuesday nights at the Lilac Lanes up north.  Our club has two teams, named “The Rotary Wheels, and “The Rotary Spokes”.  We used to have a third team named “The Rotary Hub”, and Bruce said we’d love to have a third team again!
There is no cost to join, except the cost to bowl, which is about $20 per night.  Members often toss in a couple of bucks each week for the cost of the annual team dinner and for prize money.
Bruce McEachran has been the secretary / treasurer for the league for the past 25 years.  He said that every team agrees to donate their annual prize money to the charity of their choice.  He said, “Since 1999, our league has donated over $50,000 to local charities and charitable organizations, including Rotary!”
So if you’d like to get involved on Tuesday nights with a fun activity and a great way to get to know your fellow Rotarians, contact Bruce McEachran and become a member of the “The Rotary Hub” Team! And HAPPY 100th Birthday Rotary Club #21 bowling teams!  Way to hit a perfect strike when it comes to fun!
And that is today’s Rotary Minute!