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December 9, 2021:  Beekeeping for the Hobbyist 

Jerry Tate, the owner of Tate’s Honey Farm, has been beekeeping since he was 16 when his dad purchase four honeybee packages and related equipment from Sears in 1964.  Due to their military upbringing and background, Jerry has lived in several places around the country and the world.  He came back to Spokane in 1980 and started working bees with his dad again.  In 1982 he started 70 hives and has been doing it ever since.  Jerry’s career background has been in the military and aerospace.  He is the owner of Tate’s Honey Farm, the largest supplier of beekeeping equipment in the region and he sells over 1,000 new bee packages a year.  He has served for five years as president of the state beekeepers association.  He has served three years as president of the Inland Empire Beekeeping Association where he remains extremely active in training new and journeymen beekeepers.  His bees are used annually to pollinate orchards at Greenbluff.  In past years has even sent his bees to pollinate the almond groves in California.  He and his wife have two sons, eight grandkids, and six great-grandkids.  Most of whom have helped in the bee business.  He feels he may be about ready for retirement, again.  
Program coordinated by Scott Bleeker. 

December 16, 2021: How to Center Equity in Journalism and Everyday Life

Amber D. Dodd, the Racial-Equity Reporter for the Spokesman-Review and The Black Lens, will discuss her work in Spokane.  She will explore how her reporting about inequity in Spokane translates into everyday life interactions throughout society.  
Program coordinated by Rick Eichstaedt.

December 23rd & 30th: NO MEETING 


Jerry Tate
Dec 09, 2021
Keeping Honeybees
Amber Dodd
Dec 16, 2021
How to Center Equity in Journalism and Every Day Life
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Dec 23, 2021
Happy Holidays
No Meeting
Dec 30, 2021
Happy New Year!