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November 30, 2023: Spokane Veterans Enhanced Treatment Court/Forum with Tim Fitzgerald

The Spokane Veterans Forum (SVF) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that provides mentoring, educational, therapeutic, and life-enhancing services to military veterans referred from regional Veterans Enhanced Therapeutic Courts (VET Court).
VET Court is a therapeutic court program designed to provide a non-adversarial resolution process for all veterans who have served in the military and have committed misdemeanor offenses.
Tim Fitzgerald is the Spokane County Clerk. Tim is also a retired Colonel in the United States Marine Corps, a co-founder of The Spokane Veterans Forum, and a member of the Deer Park Rotary Club.
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Program coordinated by Kevin Weir.

December 7, 2023: Rotary 5080 District Governor Doreen Kelsey

Join Rotary 21 as we hear from Rotary District 5080 Governor Doreen Kelsey.
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Program coordinated by Rod Price.

December 14, 2023: Expo '74 50th Anniversary Celebration

In 1974, Spokane became the smallest city in history to host the World Fair™. As an environmentally focused event, the Spokane World™s Fair sparked a transformation in the heart of our city that became the catalyst for sustainable growth in our region.
Join us during the 50th anniversary of Expo ‚74 to celebrate the legacy of creativity, community, and environmental stewardship that drives Spokane to this day.
Matt Santangelo and Kelly Brown are coordinating the efforts for this special anniversary event for Spokane with the help and support of many other Spokane organizations.
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Program coordinated by Kelly Brown.
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